Do You Know Cookies Can Be Cleaned For A Single Site?

Computer geeks very well know how all the cookies for visited websites can be cleared by simply going into the browser’s settings. However, it doesn’t guarantee their knowledge about clearing cookies for a certain site only. Come again, is that even possible? Is this what you are thinking at the moment? If so, yes, this is true.

Okay, so why do that? Well, because it is possible for a site to use an app that ain’t performing as it should and your concern is viewing the website cleanly. Though it is possible to go in and clear cookies from sites that have been visited, the process is tricky and time consuming. Why? Because you need to log in to these sites again. In other words, doing this makes no sense. Hence, instead of deleting cookies from every single site, it is better to clear cookies from the only site that is creating troubles.

So, do you need to call technical experts or search the right steps online? Will it take long hours to accomplish the so-called mission? Luckily, the answer is “NO”. Clearing cookies from a particular site is not any rocket science. Also, no need to hire the professionals and pay a huge fee. Simply wake that smart techie inside you, follow the given instructions and help yourself.

Clearing Cookies In Google Chrome

  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Click on Settings, scroll down and click on Advanced
  • Scroll down to the Privacy section and click on Content Settings
  • Click on Cookies
  • Click on See all cookies and site data

A list of websites that have stored cookies on your PC will flash in front of you. Scroll down to find the website you are currently working with. However, there’s a better way. In the “Search Cookies”, either put the domain name or a part of it and you will head straight to the cookies for this very particular site.

Upon seeing the website name, click on trash can and cookies for the site will be removed. After doing this, close the settings tab.

Clearing Cookies In Firefox

  • Click the settings button followed by clicking Options
  • Click on Privacy and Security
  • Click remove individual cookies in the History section

A list of individual sites will pop up. Scroll down the list to remove the one you want. You can also type the domain name in the search box.

Other Considerations Associated With The Process

There are times when one doesn’t want to clear all the cookies and other details. Reason behind is that their browser has all the passwords and they are required to log in every site all over again. In such situations, they must focus on rethinking the password storage process. Passwords are never secure if stored in browsers. Password management services are the best way to trust here.

Moving on to other things, there is a whole different way to see a site without getting it affected by history, cache, cookies, passwords or anything else. What needs to be done is:

  • Open browser’s “incognito” mode
  • In Chrome, click the Settings and choose “New Incognito window”
  • In Firefox, click Settings and then “New Private Window”

When a site is opened like this, it looks like the site has never been visited ever before. This way, none of the cookies gets affected.

And here comes the end! Hopefully, this information will help you in every way. No matter you are a techie or not, these easy-to-follow guidelines work for everyone.  Happy? Why not perform these steps then? Take out few minutes and go get clearing cookies.

Source: Do You Know Cookies Can Be Cleaned For A Single Site?

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