How To Quick Fix When Your Computer Won’t Boot

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The full stop has another name in terms of computer, i.e., system freeze. There is no way to run away from this problem as it is right on your face! There could be ample of reasons why your PC won’t boot. The facts apart, this situation could be highly panicky as your work profile is affected, let alone your personal data. This call is for troubleshooting your computer booting problems.

  • When the PC doesn’t start at all

This problem is usually due to the power supply failure. For laptops, check whether the cables are tightly connected. It could also be due to the charger adapter failure or fuse caused by incorrect voltage supply.

For desktops, check the plugs, connections and switches. Any hardware problem could affect the insufficient or no power input into the CPU.

This problem may arise if the internal connections are hampered.

  • If the system turns on but sends a “NO DISKS FOUND” message

Your computer turns on but shows such messages then you have to go to BIOS or UEFI window of your system. It is necessary to check whether the boot order shows the hard drive first. To understand the importance of solving the booting problem; first, we must know what is booting. When you boot your system, it is a command to load a partition (usually hard drive). This order could be changed if there’s another drive plugged in the computer.

If the boot listing is correct, then it may be possible that your hard drive crashed. Also, remove any extra device connected or installed recently as its incompatibility could bring such messages too.

  • Your computer crashes or freezes midway through booting

The easiest computer booting problem solution is running Startup Repair operation. This will allow your Windows to restore the system back to the time when it worked smoothly. This can be done when there is a software problem causing the booting issues. If you are not able to launch a system repair then it might need a reinstallation of Windows.

A malware hit PC /laptop or an incompatible hardware are usually the reason to frequent Windows crashes as they start loading while booting and corrupt the process. Hopefully, these cross check solutions could save your system; else, you need to call for an expert to fix your machine.

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