Free Online Virus Scan And Removal For PC

Use of computers has tremendously increased in last decade. Together with the technological advancement are increasing computer security concerns. Experts find it difficult to make common people aware of the facts and stay miles apart from the misconceptions to protect their desktops and laptops. A free online virus scan may not suffice your computer security requirement. However, the need of antivirus is indispensable. How do you think you can protect your computer from virus and malware attack without the knowledge about viruses? Have a quick glance on some shocking facts about computer viruses.

  • About 40% of US households are affected by computer viruses. Check out the best online virus removal program to ensure yours is not in the same category.
  • It is an organized venture of cyber criminals to design computer viruses. Often they target children to do the job for them who intent to experiment their programming skills.
  • Every month over 6000 viruses are created to infect your systems.
  • While 90% of emails contain malware. A virus can intrude your system through mail only after you open the link or attachment. It can actually not infect your system when you are just reading the mail.
  • America remains at the highest risk of virus attack followed by Russia.

When there are so much of misconceptions and misleading information on internet are prevailing how can a computer user rest assured for protection from security flaws. Experts say that it depends on more than one factor while to go with a free virus scan or paid services like the requirement of the user and use of internet. You should follow the basics religiously like to keep strong passwords as they can prevent most of the malware and virus attacks. You should know that a new device is not free from security vulnerability moreover there are pitfalls in every security program and antivirus software. This is why it is utmost important to either do the automatic update settings or manually perform it on periodic basis.

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