Computer Booting Problems And Solutions


When the operating system of your PC fails to boot, you can use the safe mode. This is the lightweight version of the windows operating system. What if safe mode does not work? System recovery options found on the Windows 7 DVD should be used. It includes start up repair and system restore, these two constitute critical tools to use when windows won’t load.

The process starts from Insertion of the windows 7 DVD into disc drive. Restart your computer after that. If your computer does not have operating system, restart the PC and then press F8. It will load windows advanced boot options. The user should select “repair your computer” by using directional pad and then press “enter”. If prompted to boot from the DVD, press any key. Next you will have to select language of your choice. Also select the regional options. Click next to click “repair your computer” from the Install windows” screen after booting the computer with DVD.

Next you are supposed to select version of Windows to repair, click “next” after that. Opt for “startup repair”. Your computer will now get scanned by windows to prevent any issues coming in way of booting in safe mode. Click “finish” once you follow the complete process. If window is still unable to boot, return to system recovery options.

 Now click “system restore” followed by clicking “choose a different restore point” and click “next”. Select a restore point since when your system was last able to boot in to Windows. Click “next”. Click “Finish” to perform the restore to the selected date and time. If you still don’t get rid of computer booting problem, you may need to exercise a complete installation of the operating system. You can ask for experts’ assistance at their best price.

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