How to Fix a Slow Running Computer or PC?


Every time our computer slows down, we start scratching our heads and making those helpless faces. Well, such reactions are common, as nobody likes interruptions in the middle of important work. Knowing the cause behind the problem and having access to potential solutions can prove very helpful in these unpleasant situations. Essentially, the increased demand on the system resources is the reason behind the slow performance of the machine. We add games, pictures, files, music, movies, etc. as per our choices. These add-ons use up the various resources of the system. Moreover, too many processes run at the same time or the memory is limited and reaches the edge of being completely full. All these factors affect the pace of the PC.

How to fix a slow running computer?

Sometimes, the issues are very simple and can be tackled easily. However, there are complicated and serious reasons the other times. Keeping both these aspects in mind, below is a collection of the common causes along with solutions that can turn a slow computer into a fast system.

Steps to follow when computer is slow

  1. Backup: As per the survey reports, nearly 43% computer users lose their irreplaceable data. Hence, saving the documents, files, email, financial information, bookmarks, etc. is extremely important. Maintaining backups should never be forgotten.
  2. Dust:Fans clogged with dust are the real troublemakers. Household air leads to accumulation of dust in the heat-sink and fans. Removing all the dirt needs to be in the priority list.
  3. Low memory: Ensuring more memory is the simplest, quickest and cost efficient way to avoid low speed.
  4. Spies: Spyware tracks user’s information about their internet activity. As obvious, these details are pass-on to the cyber thieves. Besides causing adverse harm to the user, these bugs are certainly the number one cause of computer running slow.
  5. Registry repair: Disorganized registry affects the hardware and decreases its speed. By cleaning the unnecessary register, speed of the PC boosts easily.

Implement these quick solutions and get back the lost speed of your PC.

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