10 Reasons Why a Mac Computer is Running Slow


Macbook or iMac like all other computers can run slow over time. It may take longer time to boot or frequently get that annoying loading wheel. By performing few simple clean up and maintenance tricks, you can get it run like a new one in no time. You must be wondering why is your Mac running slow? Here are 10 main possible reasons.

1. Your Mac needs more memory

Upgrading your RAM can increase the speed of your computer. it is the first thing you should check when your computer is running slow. To check the memory, you need to click on the system memory tab and have a look at the pie chart. It the chart is largely red or orange, you are running out of RAM.

2. Caches, temporary files or junk files

It is important to clear the built up caches, log files as well as the temporary files. Moreover, every day you generate junk files while using a web browser. With passage of time, these files can take up a lot of space and hence it is imperative to clean them.

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3. Outdated graphics card

If you use your Mac for gaming, you may find overall experience a little bit problematic. It is because your Mac is equipped with an older GPU. You can consider installing a faster GPU to speed up your computer’s performance.

4. Cluttered desktop or too many widgets on dashboard

If there are too many files and folders on the desktop, you machine’s performance can get poor. Even the widget on the dashboard uses a lot of memory. Remove any unused or memory hogging widget to resolve computer running slow issues.

5. Full hard disk

Nearly full hard disk can be a problem. As your Mac automatically utilizes free space on the hard drive as virtual memory, it is necessary you clean the space in the hard disk. Make sure you have 10% free space available for this task.

6. Outdated OS X

Your Mac’s OS X is very important for how it performs. If there is an old OS X, the Mac will run slower and hence Apple release new OS X’s every year or so. Update your OS X and make sure that your machine runs at great pace.

7. Corrupted or wrong firmware

Apple provides firmware update time to time. Only few people have trouble installing them. Incorrect firmware can cause a Mac to function sluggishly among other issues. Ensure that your firmware are up-to-date.

8. Virus

Check for viruses. If there is any virus in your computer, then you can face slow PC issue. Install a good antivirus in your Mac and ensure that your machine is safe from any malware, spyware, or other viruses.

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9. Smart playlist on iTunes

The smart playlists in your iTunes can make the computers slow as every they need to reload the iTunes to get it launched. Go to the Smart playlist app and disable live updating. Simply go to the file, edit smart playlist and uncheck live updating.

10. Internet settings

If your browser is slow then try clearing the cache. You can go to the main menu, click reset safari and check clear history and empty the cache and then reset.

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