Computer Will Not Boot Up windows 7/8/10

Computers have become an important element of everyone’s life. Besides doing office work, making presentations, others activities such as watching TV, playing games and listening songs are also possible on these electronic devices. While some people find booting up complicated, others just nail it effortlessly. So, how to boot up the system in the right way? Take a look below:

1. Locate the power button: If the device to boot up is a laptop, the boot button is located on the inner side, usually on one of the upper corners. On the other hand, if it’s a tower PC, the button is on the boxlike device.

2. Power on the computer: Press the power button to turn on the system. The computer will boot into the BIOS part. This is an essential part of the boot process, as it guides the system about the actions.

3. Wait for the operating system to load: The operating system takes some time to load and this depends on the speed of the PC. Generally, input is not needed until the computer fails to boot. You will have to select some from the recovery options.

4. Login to the operating system: Enter the password of you system, if there is any, else the system will boot into its desktop. Start your computer and do anything you want to.

What to do if computer will not boot up?

Computer not booting up

Computer won’t power on: In this case, check whether all the cables are connected properly, all the plugs are turned on and there is no power failure. In case of laptop, ensure the battery is located securely in its place. Also, the charging led must light up when the charger is plugged in.

Computer turns on, but nothing else: It is important to ensure that the monitor cable is connected properly.

Operating system won’t load: It indicates that the operating system is corrupt. Reasons behind could be hardware failure, faulty driver and viruses. Installing the original install CD and doing repair install can help fixing this issue. This is mostly repaired by inserting the original install CD and doing a repair install. This fixes all the OS files, but leaves your personal files intact.

Follow these easy pints and use your PC anytime you want without any concern.

2 thoughts on “Computer Will Not Boot Up windows 7/8/10

  1. Hi, my computer turn on but screen display that it has unbootable disk and USB though i have boot it, it does not start on please help me on how to fix the problem


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