Email Large Files Without Any Hassle


Emails have been the best way to communicate, send documents, images as well as videos. However, many email servers refuse to accept email attachments over 10 MB in size. It becomes difficult for a person to send large emails. Email servers such as Gmail or Outlook can provide you with an alternative. But it is always advisable to connect with the expert technicians and send large files easily.

Maximum size of an email attachment


If you go by the theory, any limit to the amount of data you can attach is not mentioned anywhere. They do not specify any size limits, however, they most of them enforce their own size limits. In general, you can be sure that up to 10 MB of attachments are considered ok, though some email servers can give you an opportunity to send larger files within their server. As soon as they leave their own server, it becomes an issue, as many servers do not accept more than 10 MB of attachment.

Large file sending service


Nowadays, you can find many companies, which provides easy services to send large files. When you use these services, you are entrusting it with your files. If your files are not sensitive, then you can use these services. However, avoid sending files with a service provider you have not heard of before.

Professional help

Of course, you can send large files with the help of techies. There are many technical support providers who securely send your data in a hassle free way. With professional services, you need not be worried about the security of your data. Moreover, they are available round the clock to provide best service anytime anywhere. You just need to call them or email them and they will email large files without any hassle.

So, if you want to email large files and facing issues, then connect with the best technicians and you can send image, documents or even videos without any hassle.

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