Boot up Your Computer Easily and Instantly

Sitting face to face with a PC that does nothing than irritating with the hourglass icon for several minutes is something nobody wants. You can’t check important emails, can’t go through your saved files, can’t listen music nor play games. Under such situations, the common question that strikes mind of every user is why is computer not booting up? Well, you will be glad to know that this bug can be fixed using a little knowledge. Behind every system that does not boots up, there are a number of reasons. However, limited size of the RAM is known to be the most common reason. Other reasons are restricted hard drive and overheating due to dust or dirt.


When you install a new program in the system, it is put under the start up folder. Due to this, whenever the system starts, the programs turns on automatically. When this thing happens repeatedly along with other programs going on inside the system, the Windows become overloaded. This ultimately reduces the speed of the PC. However, you can escape from falling into this situation through below mentioned points:

  1. Go in the Start menu.
  2. Select run followed by typing “msconfig”.
  3. Now, select Start-up tab.
  4. Simply deselect the programs you don’t need upon start-up.


Following these steps will help in improving the boot up speed. With these steps completed once, you can delete the programs that are no longer useful. Do this and you will generate a lot of free space on the hard drive and disk.

Running disk defragmenter is the next step to be done. This is important to assemble the files systematically. To run disk defragmenter, follow these steps:

  • Right click ‘My Computer’.
  • Go to properties and then click tools.
  • Click ‘De-fragment’.


These steps will boot up your machine; thereby, giving you the speed you want. If any problem is faced still, check for virus/malware and fix them. Contact the technicians if you want.

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