5 Tricks to End the Slow Computer Fault

A creaking and slow computer that takes hours to finish even a simple task is one of the biggest annoyances. If boot-up and tune-up have also failed to provide any help, try these tips to fix that slow system. Whether your PC is old or new, these alternatives are applicable to both.

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Alternatives to implement when computer is running slow

  1.  Uninstall unused/irrelevant programs

Every new PC comes with load of pre-installed programs. On the other hand, old systems accumulate these with time. While some of these you never use, others run in the background without your knowledge. This leads to a reduced speed. It is good to uninstall such programs and let your computer breathe freely.

  1. Delete temporary files

Internet Explorer stores the browsing history in one or the other areas of the PC. This also happens when the user installs something.  Make sure you remove all these clutters from time to time.

  1. Install a solid-state drive

If it takes long for the computer to turn on, one of the most probable reasons behind is the hard drive. Installing a solid-state drive can prove helpful, as it uses flash memory and reads data very quickly; thereby, speeding the start-up speed.

  1. Stop unnecessary start-ups

Every time the system is turn on, there are some specific programs, which automatically start running in the background. As all these applications kill your computer’s memory, ditch the ones you don’t need running.

  1. Get more RAM

Upgrade your PC by adding more RAM at easy price. You need to have it if your system shows up minor stroke when you flick between several applications.

Last but not the least, you can also vacuum your system to get back its original pace & performance. Apply all above mentioned easy steps to get back working the way you want.

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