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A keylogger is a technique of tracking each keystroke on a keyboard without the user knowing it. This is done to save the users data by tracking all their activity. After collecting all the information, it is passed on to the predetermined host data. As this is risky and can lead to loss of passwords, keylogger removal is very important. Other threats possible are loss of confidential data and login data. Let us discuss more about it along with alternatives that are helpful in dealing with this issue.

2 Types of Keyloggers

Generally, it has two types: The hardware and the software.  Talking about the hardware one, it is a small device, which is implemented by dropping between the keyboard plug and the computer keyboard port. After recording the keystrokes, it sires them in its memory. Moving on to the software category, it is further divided into legitimate and parasitical applications. Be it any of the two types, a keylogger has potential to:

  • Capture screenshots of users activity on the Internet.
  • Track details of various accounts, passwords, login names and credit card numbers.
  • Monitor online activity of users by tracking entered keywords and addresses of visited websites.
  • Save the collected information and sending it to third party or a required e-mail address.
  • Capture messages on messengers and online chat conversations.
  • Make illegal copies of outgoing as well as incoming email messages.

How to Remove Keylogger?

This is a very relevant question and asked by many users. Though retrieving the stolen data is next to impossible, you can make sure to use keylogger removers on particular time intervals. For this, you need an anti-spyware or anti keylogger. A number of them are available online; you can download them safely on your system. In addition, you can take the help of computer experts to know the manual method that can prove helpful in emergency. Don’t let these harmful software take away all your important data, implement the security now.

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