How To Fix The ‘Computer Not Booting Up’ Issue

How about sitting in front of a computer screen that is doing nothing than displaying the hourglass icon for five minutes or even more? It surely is frustrating. Checking important mails is so not possible with such a system. In such situation, the most common question that strikes the mind is, ‘why the computer is not booting up?’ Good thing is that you can fix this issue very easily if you have some technical knowledge. When a computer boots up slowly, a number of reasons are responsible. The most common ones are insufficient size of the RAM or hard drive or overheating due to dust & dirt.

computer technical support

When a user installs a new program, they consider it very important and put it into the start up folder. As a result, every time the computer starts up, the program gets turned on. When this happens again & again and due to other programs as well, Windows become over burdened and its speed slows down. To avoid a face-off with this issue, follow these points:
1. Go into the Start menu.
2. Select run and type “msconfig”.
3. Select Start-up tab
4. Deselect programs, which you don’t need upon start-up.
Doing so will improve the boot up speed. Once you are done with this, delete all the old programs that are of no use to you. You can do this by going into Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove Programs. This was you can free a lot of your disk and hard drive space.
After doing all these essential steps, run a disk defragmenter. This will put all the files which otherwise spread over the system with time. To run disk defragmenter, simply:
• Right click ‘My Computer’.
• Go to properties followed by tools.
• Click ‘Defragment’.
Now, you are all good to restart your machine and enjoy the amazing boot up speed. If you still face the problem, look out for virus/malwares.


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