Fix Blue Screen of Death Error in Your Computer

fix blue screen of death

Computers in the 21st century are a lot smarter than yesteryear’s. With their hardware and software reconfiguration, the complexities and errors have multiplied too. Of the many fixes that keep bugging the users every now and then, the blue screen of death fix is the most alarming of them all. Also known as BSOD, the blue screen is an unwelcoming error message that sends computers into limbos with the first appearance. The error pops up when a very critical error occurs in the Microsoft OS of the PC. The computer does not have an auto-recovery instruction to undo the problem.

The fix of BSOD is rebooting of the system, and before that lightens up the users, you should know that the pop up of the BSOD error window means loss of data in most cases. Computer experts call it the worst of all kinds of error a computer user may be facing. It is hardly as simply as an application crash. Instead, that one error flag can bring the whole unit down indefinitely. A BSOD message can mean two things, a hardware fault or a software crash of low-level. The Windows system that is programmed to function in a certain way automatically takes a reboot with the computer blue screen error.

If the error has appeared quite a few unpleasant number of times, the take the help of system restore to revert the system back to its earlier no-fault condition. As a counter measure of blue screen on laptop, scan the system for any malware that might have got embedded into the system through some entryway. Boot the computer in the Safe Mode to avoid any kind of data loss. If your computer drivers have outrun their use, reinstall the updated version to avoid using obsolete drivers. Lastly, let a hardware expert to see if there is a fault anywhere in the configuration. In the end, reinstall the OS.

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